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Next Generation
Energy saving
LED Grow Lighting

Toplight Zen

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Vertical Light Slim

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Interlight Infinity

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Welcome to Wivid

Discover the Horticulture LED light manufacturing company Wivid. We have a broad background where our personal competences cover supplies to the largest international companies in “high-quality—cost effective lighting”. We use our background and consider ourselves enablers of durable and high tier energy efficient LED grow lights & systems.

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Meet us at Cultivate '24, July

We are exhibiting @Cultivate’24, Columbus, USA, come there and see our latest innovations!

Meet us at Greentech' 24, June

We are exhibiting @ Greentech 2024, in Amsterdam, Neatherlands come there and discuss lighting!


We deliver

We deliver the PAR light we promise, with low energy consumption and to a low total cost. Defined by low costs and energy savings, we design and manufacture all types of full-spectrum LED grow lights to replace 400W, 600W, and 1000W MH, HPS, fluorescent lighting and even older LED systems.

We dedicate every moment to rethink the use of light in the future. Each and every day, we think about plant growth, reducing energy and increasing crop yields for our customers in Greenhouses and vertical farms in Horticulture. in the long run happy farmers with high yields @ low energy is what makes our customers satisfied with us as a supplier.

Beyond Visible Light to a New Generation of Light Solutions for Organic Plant Growth

We have strong scientific basis and close ties to research and universities.  For example we have research projects with Swedish leading biotechnology institution Chalmers in Gothenburg.

We use this knowledge to innovate. For example, several of our spectrums and recommendations comes not only from real life experience from our customers but also for these research projects. Are you looking for new ways to think about non-chemical and environmental alternatives plant strength, crop increase, disinfection, and other similar areas? Something else? Contact us, and we try to support!

A complete one-stop-shop with light innovation

We continue to develop the next generation of growth lighting. We work with leading scientists and we are never satisfied. We offer a complete product range of fixed spectrum, dynamic dual or multi-channel fixtures, like Dual channel with separate adjustable far-red light with highest efficiency.

Wireless connectivity

Wivid offers wireless connectivity as an alternative to wired (Cable) control. Wivid’s wireless mesh system is easy to install and can handle single channel and multichannel fixtures. System consists of a Gateway, bridge and nodes. It increases system flexibility and reduces installation costs.

The highest technology alternative—Compatible with all available grow systems

In the market for new growth lights? What should I look for? We have several arguments why to consider us. It pays to check availability with the latest trends and to make sure there is no hidden lock-in effects with the lights you purchase. We are compatible with existing growth systems like Priva, Hogendoorn, Ridder and others. If you use analogue or digital we have it. We want our customers to be free to choose what grow systems that suits them and not locked in to a particular one.

Quality in the Fore-front

Wivid stands for high quality LED lighting. We excel in LED light production, energy efficiency and price per umol/s. We aim to show the way by highest quality. We have a 0% tolerance. We always take a long-term view of our relationships with our customers.

We are global

Contact us for a discussion about new installations or for replacing existing HPS light systems partly or fully.

Are you a grower, a sales agent, or a distributor of any product concepts in horticulture, greenhouses or vertical farms? We are expanding our geographical coverage. Reach out and explore how we can create win-win relationships.