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Brings growlights
to the next level

Designed for high efficacy and long lifetime

Highly efficient and modular vertical light fixture were you can choose from different wattages to fit most applications. 0-10V Diming as standard. Aluminium side brackets & wing nuts for quick installation and and possibility to transport compactly. Very low build height. IP65 protected.

Flexible and robust design

Vertical light to be used vertical grow racks, open farming, growth chambers, seedlings area etc. were every you want to have optimized building height and uniformity.

Maximum Uniformity

The Position of the LED bars is flexible and can be adjusted sideways depending on you application.

Heat Simulation

Heat simulation. We heat simulate all our designs to ensure life time and optimal material usage.


1. High Efficiency 2,9umol/J*. 

2. Complete range of growth spectra. Both fixed and dynamic spectra available to deliver highest growth conditions.

 3. Feather- light LED bars. LED bars in one-piece aluminum to optimize cooling and weight.

4. Ultra-low building height. Very low building height to ensure compact installations.

5. Aluminium bars. Aluminium End bars for suspension and easy installation

6. Sideways adjustable Bars. Sideways adjustable bars gives possibility to adjust the uniformity depending on your application.

7. Dismantlable. Dismantlable to small flat pack

8. Validated and tested. Product range is validated and tested. No theoretical promises and we use real estimation.

9. Compatible with all growth control systems and available with wireless control.

10. Designed life-time 10 years.

Spectrum HR-4

Our full spectrum HR-4 is developed for green leafy. Like lettuce, herbs, Medical crops.

Spectrum HR-8

Our spectrum HR-8, developed towards maximum Photosyntesing absorbation with lowest energy and without loosing all the colours.

Technical specifications & art no's.

Mains (input) voltage:   220-240 or 400 V
Weight:  9Kg
Form of protection:   IP65
Light source:   LED
Beam Angle:  120
Dimming:  0-10V
Operating position:   vertical
Start time:  Instant
Lifetime:  50 000h