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About us


WIVID designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance, durable, energy-efficient grown lighting fixtures. Headquarters are located in Sweden where design & development is conducted.

Our factory delivers cost-effective production for the procurement and worldwide distribution of our components and products.

We strive to provide the horticulture market with market leading grow lights utilising the latest available light sources and electronics to ensure efficiency & lifetime.

Furthermore, our aim is to be the leader in the field of LED upgrading and cost-effective lighting. The product portfolio of the Wivid® brand with the sub-brands Wivid Open-Flow® technology, Wivid Plant Centric Light™ (PCL), Wivid PRIVATE LEASING CONTRACTS, provides high-end features and also some add-ons services to our lighting products.


LED Open-Flow® Technology
The LED Open Flow™ technology makes it possible improve the passive cooling to the next level. Ensuring lowest the lowest temperatures for the LED chips to operate.

One-Piece cooler™ (OPC)
One piece cooler is as it sound just one solid piece of cooler developed to ensure minimal temperature interfaces between part normally in a fixture. This give the luminaries utilizing this technology huge advantage in runing LED cool. Cooler LED chips mean higher performance.

Plant Centric Light (PCL)
The plant centric light puts the plant in the centre of it all. It is a concept developed by Wivid to customized the lighting for the plant. Everything from details in the spectrum, like NIR, UV, individual wavelengths over the 24-hour period or DLI over the year.

Our Spectrums are customer-oriented incarnation of implementing what is known to be the most optimal spectrum for a specific plant. It combines recent research with an analysis of cost savings and productivity analysis. All is targeted specifically to your own crop needs and plant needs.

We offer private leasing contracts for some countries. We are also able to offer lifecycle service, which represents comfortable safety of replacing lights over time and always having the best light system regardless of the conditions in how the light market develops, keeping you as a customer focusing on your plants and not on how the LED technology is progressing.