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Light Spectrum

Grow light spectrum refers to the electromagnetic wavelengths of light produced by a light source to promote plant growth. Conventional plant lamps such as metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) are not optimal for plant photosynthesis. These only produce some light at the right wavelength and the plants have to work extra hard to convert to usable wavelengths.

LED lights is the proven efficient energy-efficient plant lighting. LED withstands shocks and vibrations better than light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, low energy lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps and high pressure sodium (HID) lamps, and is significantly more energy efficient. LED technology is designed for industrial production and is extremely energy efficient to alternatives.

The LEDs are compiled into spectrums with specific wavelengths that stimulate photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. The efficiency of our different wavelengths or standard spectrums are well proven. Typically, chlorophyll, the molecule in plants responsible for converting light energy into chemical energy, absorbs most light in blue and red wave lengths for photosynthesis. The blue wavelengths increase the biomass and stimulate chlorophyll formation and can be used for raising plants with slightly milder light or for overwintering plants in a cold space. The red wavelengths stimulate root initiation, flowering and stretch growth and increase growth and are mostly used in conjunction with blue wavelengths. However, there are benefits will other wavelengths as well. LED phosphors are the technological advancement in LED lighting technologies that makes full spectrum lighting possible. The luminaires are available in different designs and different effects. The ability of LED to combine specific wavelengths makes the luminaire the optimal solution for plant growth and cultivation.

We offer several design options, such as customized spectrums to ensure what is best for our customers. We have helped the largest international companies in retail to be cost-effective in the light revolution of the last decade. We learnt a lot in this journey. Wivid is pushing the boundaries of the traditional LED design category.

Full spectrum

High preasure sodium (HPS) spectrum