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Interlight Infinity

A leap forward in
intelligent lighting

Designed for high efficacy and long lifetime

Designed for line/row farming of tomatoes, cucumbers and other vine plants. The fixture lights up inside the plant row where the Toplight or the outside sun have difficulties to reach.

Infinity can installed in several levels depending on how high the plants are. It is possible to daisy chain several fixtures in a row with only one external driver. Available in different spectrums and two different lengths.

“A World class Interlight built to last”

Infinity is developed for use in professional horticulture facilities which aims for high crop yields with minimum operational cost over time.

Unique light beam

Infinity interlight has a slight downward angle on light output ensuring that most light hits the top side of the leafs of the plants. The Plant leaf can utilize the light coming from above better then from below.


1. High Efficiency 2,9umol/J*.

2. Robust design. Anodized Aluminum housing for excellent cooling and strength

3. Easy Installation. Easy installation, with wire suspension and quick-connectors

4. IP65 protection, Build to handle wet conditions.

5. High quality glass, High transmission protective glass, for minimizing light loss & protect for rough handling.

6. Metal Gable, Robust Aluminum Die-cast Gable.

7. Validated and tested. Product range is validated and tested. No theoretical promises and we use real estimation.

8. Compatible with all growth control systems.

9. Designed life-time of 10 years.

Spectrum HR-4

Our full spectrum HR-4 is developed for green leafy. Like lettuce, herbs, tomato & Cucumber.

Spectrum HR-8

Our spectrum HR-8 is developed towards maximum Photosyntesing absorption with lowest energy and without loosing all colours.

Technical specifications

Infinity 1,2m / 2,3m
Mains (input) voltage:   220-220V or 400V
Weight:  1,4kg/ 2,5KG
Form of protection:   IP65
Light source:   LED
Beam Angle:  Dual side 150deg
Dimming:  0-10V
Operating position:   Suspended
Start time:  Instant
Lifetime:  50 000h