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LED Lights for
optimized growth
of cut flowers

Benefit of using LED for cut flowers

Greenhouse cultivation of cut flowers is a great alternative to field production that enables year-round cultivation in areas with unfavorable climate conditions for outdoor production. In greenhouses, optimal growing conditions for different cut flower varieties can be provided, in terms of aspects like temperature, humidity, light intensity, quality and duration. This enables production of high-quality cut flowers regardless of season, which is needed to meet the increased demand from consumers.


We have a list of science back-up and evidence suggesting LED lighting solutions for greenhouse production of cut-flowers have been shown to improve plant quality and increase yields. Specifically, a broad spectrum that is heavy on the red and far-red end can help enhance flowering and promote growth of a wide variety of cut flowers, while also creating a good visual working environment for humans. We help you with guidance in both more simple and more advance multi-spectrum solutions to govern crop growth and flowering. May flower growers have been using outdated HPS technology lights that are to be banned. We develop hybrid solutions with your current lights for gradual replacements of the older HPS technology into LED. This optimizes investment costs in the gradual shift from HPS.

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