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LED Lights for
optimized growth
of cut flowers

Benefit of using LED for cut flowers

Greenhouse cultivation of cut flowers is a great alternative to field production that enables year-round cultivation in areas with unfavourable climate conditions for outdoor production [39]. In greenhouses, optimal growing conditions for different cut flower varieties can be provided, in terms of aspects like temperature, humidity, light intensity, quality and duration. This enables production of high-quality cut flowers regardless of season, which is needed to meet the increased demand from consumers.

LED lighting solutions for greenhouse production of cut-flowers have been shown to improve plant quality and increase yields [25] [2]. Specifically, a broad spectrum that’s heavy on the red and far-red end can help enhance flowering and promote growth of a wide variety of cut flowers, while also creating a good visual working environment for humans [8] [25].

In difference to HPS lighting systems, LED provides the opportunity to control light intensity and heat separately since LEDs emit almost no radiant heat. This means that a higher light intensity can be achieved without overheating of the plants, loss of supplied CO2 through ventilation windows or excess costs for the HVAC system [16]. This results in a more consistent growing climate for the flowers and greater control and flexibility for the grower [2]. Additionally, LEDs have a lower energy consumption than HPS as well as a longer lifespan, making LED a good investment for the future [2].

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