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Energy savings

All our lighting luminaires are of very high professional quality and carefully tested before we launch our products. The market for growth light has not yet matured into a status where serious tests ensures promises are delivered. We want to lead in this regard. Trust us, try us, measure us.

We manufacture the LED luminaire at our factory, which means lower costs and we avoid expensive intermediaries (each extra sales stage gives extra costs for you) and transport, which means that we can supply luminaires at the affordable prices. As we manufacture LED luminaires based on order, we can guarantee the latest LED technology, the development in LED technology today takes place at a rapid pace, with a constant technological improvement, which we apply to the LED luminaire. Our technical product specifications must thus be seen as a minimum, as we are constantly developing and improving the luminaire. Our goal is to provide the best prices on professional LED luminaires, with excellent / premium quality, robust design, energy-efficient design, long service life with low light depriation.

We want volume not high margins. Known to deal with the largest lighting accounts in the world, learned to work close with customers and cooperation for low costs.

We think of TCO and the larger context in which light is delivered. Compared to a standard luminaire, the LED luminaire will work for up to 50,000 hours and significantly reduce light pollution and maintenance costs. An installation where you use an LED luminaire will be better equipped to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures than a traditional luminaire would be, which makes the LED luminaire suitable for demanding applications.

Total costs means keeping energy costs low. It also means using the right spectrum. Enormous amounts of energy are wasted in greenhouses where our food is grown, because the plants get too much and the wrong kind of light. Almost all the vegetables we eat during the winter are grown in greenhouses under sodium lamps, which are quite common traditional street lighting lamps. The amount of electricity consumed in greenhouses today is approximately 160 terawatt hours, which is as much as the whole of Sweden’s electricity production, the potential with LED lighting means that you can reduce this waste but as much as 50 percent, which corresponds to ten nuclear power reactors. LED luminaires with broad spectrums developed for the plats are much better to save both energy, money and the environment.