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Wireless control

“The no-cable solution to use light dimming to cut costs”

“Minimize costs by adjusting your light levels without the hassle of installing cables.”

Wireless control series is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-install solution for the next generation of precise crop growth with low energy costs.

This wireless solution is flexible and fits all available growth systems for the professional who aims for low energy costs of light per square meter in the greenhouse of vertical farm.

Minimize installation costs

This wireless solution is designed to replace 0-10V light fixture dimming cables. The solution is easy to install and enables growers with HPS to LED replacements to use dimming control without the hassle to install new cables. This optimizes energy savings and profit per square meter in the facility.

Wireless node

The wireless node is easy to install on the driver dim input. It comes in two type 1 channel and multichannel (2-4CH).


1. Long range Mesh network for optimal network stability.  

2. Enables precise scheduling of light to follow the natural photoperiod of plants.

3. Can be used together with DLI sensors or similar alternatives to control light depending upon natural light from sun in greenhouses.

4. Enable using dynamic light zones where growers change light levels in areas or the actual areas without advanced electricity installations.

5. Improves ROI.

6. Extendable & Flexible if crop or grow areas change over time

7. Validated and tested. Product is validated and tested.

8. Compatible with all growth control systems.

Technical specifications